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Full-color LED display surface mount and in-line comparison of the advantages

Release date:2014-05-13


   With the enhancement of the brightness of the LED chip and LED packaging technology, full-color LED display surface mount price gap with full-color LED line has been significantly reduced. Outdoor SMD full color LED screen has a wide viewing angle due, good light, good mix of light, high contrast and easy automated production advantages, its market share steadily, even expected to become the mainstream of the future development direction of outdoor video display system.
A wide viewing angle. Outdoor full color paste not only has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees or more in the horizontal direction than in the vertical direction also has a wide viewing angle of 110 degrees, which is particularly advantageous in a number of application areas, such as building screens, hanging high in the sky on the outdoor LED display need a broader perspective in order to show better advertising results.
2, light is good. Red, green and blue LED oval three different angles are high brightness uniformity a matching index of difficulty, because the design of the full-color SMD structure triple structure, red, green, and blue three chips in the whole into a bowl cup bracket, so at different angles of red, green, and blue brightness matching consistency highly consistent, which makes outdoor full color LED display brightness surface mount at any angle of horses caused by good consistency, reaching more good color fidelity results.
3, light mixing well. Since the design of the structure is triple, three chips in close proximity in the same bracket cup light mixing bowl, rather than three separate oval LED, so the red, green and blue light mixing effect in line oval LED screen, especially for close-up viewing.
4, the high contrast. Due to the design of triple structure, small size full color SMD, so small emitting area, a large black area, improved contrast LED display.
5, automated production. SMD LED can be automated using automatic SMD placement machine, high production efficiency. Outdoor SMD LED display module circuit design to achieve light board and driver board combo, reduced costs, improved reliability, improved production efficiency. In addition, automatic SMD chip production can improve the vertical accuracy of the circuit board to overcome the vertical accuracy line elliptic problems in LED circuit board, thus ensuring better optical effect.
6, the light weight of the box. Aluminum alloy box structure design is very lightweight; convenient and beautiful assembled easily deformed and flat. Suitable for leasing companies, LED rental screen, mobile media use; column installation or wall installation more to alleviate the pressure on the screen body of steel structures.
7, free potting. Traditional outdoor screen modules are filling gel under the sun and rain and ultraviolet irradiation will gradually aging, will split off after the characteristics of colloidal changes, so that the circuit board and LED lost the protective layer, even after a long period After heat or cooling can not reach waterproof effect, and the glue will go through the gap into the body of the screen, have a corrosive effect on the PCB board, affecting the entire screen life and stability; If you are using triple paste outdoor potting process, then, its light foot too short, too thin plastic irrigation, more serious consequences. Previously, due to the low brightness surface mount LED and waterproof, moisture-proof, anti-ultraviolet function not meet the requirements for harsh outdoor environments, the outdoor full color LED display is world-line devices. Full color SMD LED display only a large number of applications within households. With the advances in LED technology and LED chip packaging technology, SMD brightness and degree of protection have been able to meet the needs of outdoor applications, access to a more rapid application.
Span a wide variety of LED display from monochrome to full color to provide for its wide range of applications to adapt to provide a basis, and because of its high brightness, high reliability, superior resistance to environmental light capabilities, making outdoor LED display in many and special applications irreplaceable position. Outdoor SMD LED screen for the new varieties developed in the past two years, the variety in color reproduction, many aspects of color consistency, uniformity, viewing angle, the screen has a line such as the overall effect of light can not go beyond the features and advantages, it also makes outdoor SMD LED display become favorable guarantee of future trends.

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