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New appreciation
Electricity industry energy-saving lighting lighting response national low carbon green LED policy
Professional cast brand, integrity to win the future

Merry Light both their services, but also exported overseas, the product has covered many areas.

Industry leading liquid crystal core technology

Merry Light other LED products, but also introduced a series of LCD products, is a technology-oriented enterprises.

Professional R & D team

Merry Light strong R & D team, for the manufacture of superior products to provide a guarantee.

Leading brands

"Merry Light" of Professional dedication, reliable quality, focusing on creating the industry first.

High quality close one-stop service

Green energy . Security worries .Investment Brand .Wealth summit!

  • 1Quality advantage

    Always adhere to the State authority, buy the rest assured that with the peace of mind!

  • 2Brand advantage

    We are committed to build the first brand in the domestic LED industry,the effect is more powerful!

  • 3Service Advantage

    We are tracking service, make sure you know the product the first time trends.

  • 4Sale advantages

    The strength of raw materials from the major brands, factory supply, quality and more secure!

  • 5Technical advantages

    According to the requirements for product design, provide secondary development agreement!

  • 6Strength advantage

    Strong, long-term cooperation with major companies, fast shipping,timeliness high quality guaranteed!

  • 7Advantages of cooperation

    "Zero" risk to join without paying any fees.

Li Jingyuan photoelectric quality guarantee
First-class products and servicesFirst-class products and services

Merry Light market after years of baptism, the industry has won widespread recognition, with attentive service.

Excellent R & D teamExcellent R & D team

Team holds a number of core technologies, with the chip level, the algorithm level technology development capability.

Irreplaceable position in the industry Irreplaceable position in the industry

Company has thousands sets of display system research and development, production successful experience, no substitute.


A electric lighting industry
Shenzhen Merry Light Co., Ltd.was established in 2009 , is located in 2nd Floor,B Building, Juji Technology Park,Houting,Shajing,Shenzhen City. Is a technology as the core , market demand for the guide , excellent quality assurance, application integration , production and sales of technology-based enterprises. Shenzhen Merry light Co., Ltd.of Shenzhen , with professional production equipment , professional and technical staff and excellent sales team , caring professionals provide one-stop services for application-oriented high-end customers. Our main products include LED displays , LCD liquid crystal display ; Segment LED display which mainly include : LED full color display , LED t...【View details
Electric lighting industry honor
LCD splicing screen Case
Industry electrical lighting dealers in the eyes
Shenzhen LED display advertising success stories
Shenzhen LED displ...

In the new information developed rapidly in the global display media, especially electronic technology priorities Shenzhen Merry light CO.,LTD to develop energy-saving, environment...

Merry light Photoelectric Division I is the LED display advertising partner
Merry light Photoe...

Outdoor display is a new combination of media and high-tech. These bold changing cast of unique and irreplaceable outdoor media status and value. Throughout the future development ...

Electric lighting industry in the eyes of consumers
Merrylight Photoelectric Full color LED manufacturer, trustworthy potential.
Merrylight Photoel...

merrylight Photoelectric LED display control software and control its own controller card selection to select the correct product model, the correct transmission mode, the correct...

Merry light Photoelectric Strategic partners, vibrant!
Merry light Photoe...

Merry light Photoelectric Electrical parts technology and performance continues to improve, the rapid development of electronic technology, which brings a good foundation for the L...

LED Display Case
Electric lighting industry
Ask Shenzhen led display on modular design
AnsShenzhen led display because of its eye-catching , flexible content and other characteristics, have been increasingly used in advertising , information dissemination, traffic signs and other public pl...
Ask Choose from nine LED light source
AnsAs the herd market , as consumers, to choose LED remains calm, scientific analysis , the choice of the best cost-effective light sources and luminaires , LED Here are a few basic properties :1 , the b...
Ask How to tell the quality of LED lights?
AnsLook material, LED unit board sheet: Some LED unit board manufacturers to price competition, the use of low-cost single-sided fire-retardant paper or fiberboard panels madeLED lights for the PCB board...
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