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LED traffic guidance screen
P10 LED F-type traffic guidance screen
  • Product name:

    P10 LED F-type traffic guidance screen

  • Product CategoryLED traffic guidance screen
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  • Advanced digital video processing technology 
    Distributed scanning, modular design 
    Constant static drive, automatic brightness adjustment 
    Super bright solid color pixels 
    Video screen clear, no jitter and ghosting, to prevent distortion 
    Video, animation, graphics, text, images and other information display 
    Networked display, remote control
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Product description
Project   single color double color
Model  PH10 PH12 PH16 PH20 PH10 PH12 PH16 PH20
Dot Pitch (mm) 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm 10mm 12mm 16mm 20mm
Density (dot) 10,000 6944 3906 2500 10000 6944 3906 2500
Box size 640×480 768×576 1024×768 1280×960 640×480 768×576 1024×768 1280×960
Box resolution  64×48
Max power  550w 500w 450w 400w 990w 880w 800w 600w
Pixels constituting  1R 2R RG 2R1G
Display Color  256 65536
Gradation 256 1024
Control  video synchronization 
Best sight  10-35m 12-45m 15-50m 25-80m 10-35m 12-45m 15-50m 25-80m
display mode  Maximum 1600 × 1280
Communications 5 network cable transmission distance of not more than 120 meters (without interruption), optical transmission 10,000 m 
Drive  4 scan   Constant Current Driver  4 scan   Constant Current Driver 
Frame rate  ≥120 Hz ≥120 Hz
Power supply  AC220V/50Hz, AC110V/60Hz
Ambient temperature  -20oC~+50oC
Life  >100,000 小時
Product Features  Advanced digital video processing technology, distributed scanning, modular design, constant static drive, 
Brightness automatically adjusts the ultra-bright solid color pixels, clear video screen, jitter and ghosting, to prevent distortion 
Video, animation, graphics, text, images and other information display, networked display, remote control 
Scope  Used in railway stations, airports, ports and other transportation industries as a guidance system; 
Banking, real estate, stock exchanges, etc. for exchange, stocks, futures, real estate transactions wait for the display of information 
You can also play an important role in shopping malls, stadiums, post office, restaurants, hotels, traffic control and other environmental





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