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P31.25 traffic guidance screen LED module
  • Product name:

    P31.25 traffic guidance screen LED module

  • Product CategoryP31.25
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  • Taiwan wafer chip super bright, 
    Static constant display, 
    Brightness is greater than 13000cd / m, 
    Glue full, effective vapor barrier to enter;
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Product description




Product Name: P31.25 Plug Light Module Brightness: ≥13000d/m2
Pixel composition: 4R2G Best viewing distance:


Display Color: Full Color Angle: Horizontal 110 ° Vertical 110 ° ± 10 °
Unit board pixels: 8*8 Module size: 250*250mm
Physical density: 1024pixels/㎡ Lamp beads: 546 oval line lights
Applications: outdoor big screen advertising emission wavelength: Red 625nm; Green 520nm;  blue 470nm
Power consumption: Maximum: 1400W Average: 560W Drive:   static constant
Operating voltage: AC220V/110V±10% Interface: HUB 40

Ambient temperature:


Working temperature:


Refresh rate:

540HZ control mode: synchronous / asynchronous
Color temperature 8500K    life:



Other models outdoor full color parameters




P16 P20 P25 P31.25
Pixel: RGB 2R1G1B 2R1G1B


Physical Pitch: 10mm 16mm 20mm 25mm 31.25mm
Physical density: 10000pixels/㎡ 3906pixels/㎡ 2500pixels/㎡ 1600pixels/㎡ 1024pixels/㎡
Resolution: 16*16/32*32 16*16 8*16 8*8/8*16 8*8
Module size: 160*320mm 256*256mm 160*320mm



Scan mode:


Static Virtual static Static Static
Brightness: 3500-7500cd/㎡ 6500-10000cd/㎡ 5500-10000cd/㎡  5500-10000cd/㎡ 4500-10000cd/㎡
Interface Type: HUB 75 HUB 40 HUB 40 HUB 40 HUB 40

          Note: Traffic display module brightness> 8000cd / m²



Product Description

1. P31.25 LED display with a new mask design, the LED emits light reflection almost zero to do to ensure the

    display screen body;

2. cabinet design uses a high-temperature spray technology has greatly enhanced anti-rust function;

3. module mounting surface flatness requirements for control of plus or minus 0.2mm, good flatness

    entire screen;

4. LED display ultra high color uniformity;



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